New York

«New York is like my DNA, first my parents and then New York» 
Lou Reed

This work on New York was prepared throughout 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 when I traveled to the city in several opportunities for exhibitions and also sent by the magazine where I work to cover the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

Whether I am travelling or I am in my country, I have always the same way of “operating”, and that is walking always with my camera. Day and night, everytime, ready to capture a scene.
I have always been interested in cities, especially large cities which have a place in photography history. I was therefore fascinated by Paris (where photography was born and unveiled to the world, in 1839) and it happened to in New York, the mecca of modern photography.
Can you add something to a city that has been so much photographed o filmed, so omnipresent due to films or music? I think it is possible, because we all have different views when telling a story, even if this story has been told thousands or millions of times.
When we arrive for the first time to these cities we see them as something familiar and not so far away. We have seen its streets in films and series, we know its great monuments or museums without having visited them, we have listened Lou Reed’s music, so newyorker, so we know the city without before having met her.

This work is not intended to be a manual of contemporary life in New York. I only pretends to be a look, as deep as possible, of a wonderful and cosmopolitan city with which I fell in love as soon as I arrived there.

Leo Barizzoni